My Real Postpartum Body

By | May 5, 2015


I am a mother. I am tired, broken and sore. I have lumps, bumps, marks and jiggly bits.

I am a mother. I have created, grown, carried and birthed two gorgeous sons.

I am a mother. I am solely responsible for the lives of two little humans, every single day and night, week in and week out and will be for the rest of my life (and maybe future #number 3 baby).

I am a health professional. I work in an industry which is largely focused on the superficial. The how you look. Not how you feel. Not who you are.

I am a mother.

You too are a mother. You are also tired, exhausted, broken, sore, have lumps, bumps, marks and jiggly bits.

You too live in a world which judges you on how you look. Not how you feel. Not who you really are and what you have sacrificed…and continue to sacrifice.

You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are a mother. 

You live in a society that pushes images at you every day of women who have given birth and just “bounced back” – great for them (truly, that is great, Kate Middleton you are amazing!). But this is such a small minority. For most of us, our bodies change, and change a lot.  It is scary, it is hard, it can be down right disgusting and upsetting but it is real and normal. Although I am a qualified health professional I am also a mother and my body has also not just ‘bounced back’. We are starting to see a shift in the media and online with more women sharing the often hidden and unspoken realities of child birth and the effect on your bodies.

So I have joined in the movement. Here is my #takebackpostpartum body blog. My real body after two children.

On the 17th of January, 2015 at 11.10pm I gave birth to my second son. I fought to conceive him. Put my body through assisted reproductive therapy. I was broken just (ha just!) carrying him to full term. Broken in ways I did not know my body could break (see previous blogs). Photographs do not tell the full story. I could barely walk. I was induced early just to get my son out as every day he was in me was another day I had to fight to keeping carrying him. Before I had children I would run marathons for fun…yes for fun – just wake up, find an event and run…I could barely walk to the letter box and I could not pick up my 2 year old.

You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are a mother. 

24 Hours Postpartum

Pre and Post

37 weeks pregnant and 24 hours after birth

Regardless of how you birthed your child (aka watermelon), you can still look and feel like you have a watermelon (or two)  inside you. It is often sort of lumpy and squishy too. There’s only one way that thing is coming down….hello excruciating uterine contractions…may as well go through labour again. I gave birth vaginally (birth story here) and it feels like a truck, not a watermelon, ripped through me. Good thing is I am so high on adrenaline and oxytocin nothing in the world matters except for my precious bundle…2 days later it is a different story.

You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are a mother. 

2 Days Postpartum

2 Days Postpartum

2 Days Postpartum

Have I showered or changed my pjs…cannot confirm. Normally a size A cup, I am giving Kate Upton a run for her money. What’s more these puppies are ON FIRE and I still don’t know how to bloody use them. Show me that breastfeeding video one last time and I will tear the television from the wall socket – it is not helping. Everything leaks. I mean EVERYTHING. I am a mess of body fluid. I am wearing not one but two enormous maternity pads, inside granny panties to try and contain the postpartum bleeding. Golf ball sized blood clots keep coming out. I have to keep these to be inspected and make sure it is not part of the placenta. Where has my dignity gone?

Sleep…I could count the hours on one hand but am just too beyond exhausted to remember. My body is experiencing a horrendous hormone withdrawal. Is this what drug addicts feel like? Maybe drugs would help right now…My eyes just keep leaking. I am more prepared for this second time around. First time, I just could not understand why I would not stop crying. The cherry on the Sunday is that precious little bundle WONT STOP SCREAMING (don’t let the photographs fool you). You want to come and visit? Sure, let’s have a tea party while we are at it.

You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are a mother. 

1 Week Postpartum

1 Week

Back at home. Still rocking my pjs. Still got a lumpy, squishy watermelon belly. Still got the granny style undies and thunder pads. I am glad to be home but surely it is illegal to be responsible for two other little humans when in fact you are a walking zombie? And what the HELL do I do with two children? I barely did 1 before??! How do I bath them both? How do I get them both feed at the same time? Boobs out, get baby on one side, express pump on the other and shove a spoon in my toddlers face – that’s how… hmmm bringing sexy back to the dinner table alright. Oh yes and somehow I am meant to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes right (hahaha that’s a joke right?).

You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are a mother. 

2 Weeks Postpartum

2 Weeks

I look a bit more alive…must have had a shower that morning. Tummy still swollen, shrinking but swollen. I am still bleeding, its like the period that never ends. Am out of my pjs, rocking pregnancy clothes instead (see you do get more than one use for those!!). Boobs are like rocks. My poor husband. If he even thinks about going near those knockers he will get a swift slap.

I will be honest I do feel better this time post birth than I did with my first son. Not fighting horrendous mastitis surely will be playing a large part of that (see why I am not exclusively breastfeeding here). The other, is I am kinder to myself, I am not out trying to walk for an hour or more a day like I did first time around. I have basically told friends to come and visit in about 3 months time (I am sorry but I know you understand).

In case you are wondering – that lovely scar down my belly is from some major abdominal surgery I went through as a 21 year old. Was split open 6 times after an appendix operation went wrong. Two pregnancies has morphed and stretched this. Never mind, it just becomes the ‘feature piece’ of my stretch marks. May have to reconsider my dream job as a bikini model….

You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are a mother. 

10 Weeks Postpartum

2015-04-06 15.33.17

Now that it has contracted down, my swollen tummy is a bit more of a jiggly tummy, still rocking preggie clothes, and sporting a moon boot from fracturing my ankle – my body so broken from the last few months my leg just snapped like a twig when I rolled off a curb trying to walk an unsettled baby.  Where did the last 8 weeks go? In a blur…a blur of feeding, sleeping, pumping, learning to juggle both children and work in among it all. Am exhausted, like bone aching exhausted. I am lucky to have the knowledge I do of good food to nourish from the inside, but I am still human. I do have chocolate, I do have coffee (lots of coffee), and dinners are sometimes baked beans on toast. I don’t have time to shower so no I DON’T make my own baked beans.

Sometimes I wonder why the hell did I want this so badly (previous blog from the trenches here), but for the most part I love it, stupidly love it all.

You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are a mother. 

14 Weeks Postpartum

14 Weeks Postpartum

14 Weeks Postpartum

Officially out of the newborn phase. Feel less zombie and more human. I am left with the marks of motherhood. A tummy that appears ‘flat’ but has the stretch marks, the skin, the sunken scar and abs which have not yet healed. It’s our best kept secret as mothers. I have just got my first period. I have irregular periods at the best of times so this I see as a true sign my body feels good. I now am ready to do some gentle activity, to help repair and recover. I may never run a marathon again, don’t think my pelvic floor would survive, but I will run the parenting marathon day in and day out, my boys are so darn worth it – my god are they worth it!!.

You may be broken, exhausted, sore, have lumps, bumps, marks and jiggly bits.

You may not look like the next Victoria’s Secret Underwear model, but focus on how you feel. Be kind to yourself and your body, you will look like how you are meant to when you feel good. It may take some time. It took me a lot longer to feel good following the birth of my first son then this time around. There is no one to compare yourself too. No one is walking in your shoes, deals with what you deal with. You will be judged. I am judged everyday and there will be people judging me right now. Doing what is right for you and your family takes courage, takes strength and as a mother, you have both. Nourish and love from the inside out and do not forget:

You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are a mother. 


With love, the New Mum’s Nutritionist xxx

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326 thoughts on “My Real Postpartum Body

  1. Sarah Alexander

    You are amazing Julie! Thank you for such an honest review of what it’s like it’s fantastic for mums to see that that is the REAL side of having a baby… by the way you look freaking amazing!

    Miss you heaps x

    1. Carol Watson

      Thanks so much for being real. After having my son people looked at me like I was fibbing when I told them my pregnancy and post pardon stories. It’s so refreshing to see you tell your story as open and honest ad you did.

  2. Phillipa

    Julie, what a wonderful and entertaining blog on life as a Mum of two. It made smile with you and tear up with you! Its a lovely story with most wonderful sense of love and gratitude for your boys! What we do for the greatest love of all. Cheesy but true! All my love.

    1. gail

      Oh my. I wish I could have read this 40+ years ago! I have had live birth 5 times. Totally natural. No drugs. No coaching. No support system. Thank you for sharing. This will certainly help at least one woman! I know I am going to share this on social media so other woman can know they are in awesome company!

  3. Tab

    Great read, sounded like I was reliving life from 2 years ago. The body issue is so tough and it’s not just the bounce back you feel pressure about but the pregnancy weight gain too! Thanks for sharing, I feel normal tonight xx

  4. Alice

    I had a wee cry reading this Julie. What an authentic, courageous and important message for us mums. Much love and thanks to you. (p.s. I am mother of 3.5yr old boy and baby girl who is turning One on Monther’s day) Alice x

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you so much Alice! Happy Mother’s Day to you and happy birthday to your baby girl!! x

  5. Jennie Valgre

    Stunning. So real, authentic and empowering. Thank you Julie. This is exactly what women need to read.

  6. Julia

    Thank you for this wonderful, honest and encouraging post. When I saw your photos I thought: I See lumps, bumps, marks and jiggly bits, alright, but I also see a truly beautiful woman and mother.

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you so much Julia your words mean so much xx

  7. shari gorlick

    You are amazing just wish I would have thought to take pics of post baby tummy im 20 months post partum and still have pregnancy damage which seems like its taking forever to heal starting to think I never will
    still not sleeping a full night and still breast feeding every 5 hours during the day every 3 at night
    I just adore reading stories that are the truth not a post pregnancy fairy tale I cant stress enough how much of an inspiration you are!!

  8. Annaliece

    Thank you so much for that! It’s so nice to hear that I’m not alone! Being a sports fanatic I thought it would be easy to ‘bounce back’ Oh how I was so wrong! I know I’m constantly being judged, even by the ones we love so much, but my son is my world and he makes me the happiest so it really doesn’t bother be what people think!
    The emotional roller coaster I was on after giving birth. … noone warns you about that! But us women are such amazing human beings and it’s incredible what we can handle and get through, you have given me a new strength to soldier on and know how much worth I am – Thank you for that x

  9. heather

    I loved this amazing and inspirational your tummy looks just like mine as I had abdominal surgery too and have huge scar straight up my tummy when I was 19 now after baby no1 and nearly 24 it’s a dark huge squiggly scar but my 1 year old daughter is so worth irtall haha x

  10. steph

    You have inspired me to appreciate and love myself . Thank you for sharing.

  11. Sarah Durham

    Thank you for writing this, I can related to some many things you have said. I had my 2nd child in December and am still trying to figure out how to cope. Does help that he has reflux, barely sleeps and just screams a lot which mean I resort to chocolate (for me of course) so my jiggly bits are getting worse rather than better.

    Kate Middleton must of had some industrial strength tummy control pants on coming out of hospital so quickly. I was in a wheelchair for 4 months of my pregnancy and it took a good 2 months before I was able to walk very far.

    1. Gerlinda

      I dont think she had some industrial strength tummy control pants, as i walked out the hospital 1 hour after birth:)
      But i can definately relate to you Julie! I didnt bounce back as much as i thought and the struggle to the point where my tummy finally looked normal again, was really hard. Now my son is 2 and my body is totally rocking again, but we’ve been thinking about a second baby. I am relieved that my body is back but i will give it up any time for another lovely baby:)

  12. Kayley

    I really enjoyed reading this. It’s so refreshing to have an honest insight in to motherhood, with pictures too! I think you’re an inspiration *thumbs up*.

  13. Jasmine

    This is truly fantastic! Well done you, A: For giving birth to a healthy baba and B: For posting such amazing pictures. Something a lot of new mummies wouldn’t be comfortable doing! Feeling comfortable in yourself is a hard thing for many of us to feel, but reading such wonderful posts like this make it easier! Thank you xx

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you so much Jasmine! Have to say some of those pics are so unattractive but they are all real, 100% real!! x

  14. Sarah

    I love this article – thank you!!!!! You are awesome!

  15. Sarah

    Thank you so much for your honest account, Julie 😀 xo It really is all so worth it and tis good how we can all band together with mutual appreciation for of bodies.

  16. Kerry

    This is brilliant! A refreshingly honest insight on what a woman’s body actually looks like after creating life! Thank you writing this- it has made my morning as I wait for the birth of my third child. You are amazing!

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you so much Kerry! Good luck for baby number 3!! xx

      1. Catherine

        Thanks to you Julie for this amazing post.Am Catherine a mother of three amazing boys from Nigeria. Am only 30 and my body is wrecked.But you have made me feel better about my image. Thanks a lot .

  17. Julia

    love this! Thank you for sharing your story and reminding us moms of the truth, of the scars we all bear, but of the joys of our children that make everything worth it!!!!

  18. gg

    Beautifully written words. I am a dinosaur now but once walked where you walked. I hope young mothers every where get to read your amazing words and be inspired by them.

  19. Sarah

    You’re amazing! Good on you for speaking (and showing) the truth! After my daughter was born, I remember feeling very vulnerable and emotional, but also so in awe of what my body achieved. When I’m not nurturing my soul or body as I should, I try to remember what this body has done for me in making us a family. I try to remember how my soul and my daughter’s are so close. It helps me recall just how much of a badass I am and suddenly I feel like I have got this!

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      You are a total butt kicking badass! x

  20. Rebecca

    You have just put in to words just about everything I felt. We all have our own journeys ( no broken ankle here but pphs +++ so Over 15 days I had two double bells, a triple bell and a d& c) but you’ve been able to describe yours really well and I can relate to it totally.

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you Rebecca and big hugs to you xx

  21. Suzi

    Wow you are an inspiration! I’m 19 and don’t yet have kids, but I am an early childhood educator 🙂 I was always worried about what having kids will do to my body but you’ve made me realise that no matter what happens there is a reason for how you look and that it is worth every jiggly bit x

  22. Lena

    As someone who has never had a baby, this was really interesting for me to see your body after birth. My only exposure to post partum bodies have been celebrities etc, I didn’t realise it took that long for the belly to shrink away, I just assumed once the baby was out it was flat-ish again!! Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you Lena – everyone’s body’s are different some do shrink sooner, some later but it does take time. I had no idea either before my first son was born, came as quite a shock, as did a lot of my bodies changes. x

  23. elaine mchugh

    This is a great article, so many of my feelings, challenges, insecurities mirror yours. Having said that what stands out most when i look at your photos is your smile, you look truely happy :).

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you Elaine! Hehe I sure am, sleep deprived but very happy x

  24. sarah

    What a beautiful blog…was aweaome to read. My little boy was and so born on the 17 January 2015.

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Yahoo for awesome birthdays thank you! x

  25. Cynthia

    Thank you sooo much for writing this blog!!!!!
    Wow!!!! I desperately needed this!! I just had baby #2 two weeks ago and had to have s csection… I have been beating myself up over what I look like now… Giggly, wobbly, saggy!! Not like myself of years ago!!
    I’ve had this desperate need to live up to everyone else’s expectations of how I should look… But not what my reality is!!
    Thank you!!!
    I neede to read that I’m not alone!!
    Thank you for being real!!! 🙂

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Congratulations on your 2nd baby!! You are so not alone xx

  26. Kayla

    I absolutely LOVE this post!!! I had no idea what the newborn stage was going to be like, and you really nailed it! I especially love that you took pics of your body changing- I’m done having kids, but what a help to those going through it right now, to know they are just like every other mom! 🙂

  27. Jamie

    Love this!! Have wanted to start my own blog like this but was too scared!! You made me realize that not everyone bounces straight back after birth!! 7 weeks post partum with my 4th boy and I’m feeling like I need to start dieting. Why pressure myself? I dunno, but after reading this, I’m gonna take my time!!xx

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Time! Take your time, gently small changes in both nutrition and activity but honestly let your body heal:) x

  28. Yasmin

    I absolutely loved this! And no one ever tells you this when you are pregnant. Such a refreshing read. Thanks for sharing, Julie. After 3 beautiful kids (and 3 c sections) I needed this reminder to be more kind to myself.

  29. Tim

    i would imagine the Dad pictured may disagree that you are ‘solely’ responsible for looking after the kids.

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Hehe oh hands down Tim! My husband and I completely share the parenting load and I could not do it without him. I was more referring to the overwhelming sense of responsibility that a mum experiences but by no means is this not a reflection on my husband nor other dad’s responsibility either.

  30. Kylie

    Amazing! Relatable! Inspirational! I want all new mums to read this! Thank you for sharing xxx

  31. Angela

    How refreshing to read something so honest and heartfelt. I remember after the birth of my first daughter the midwife looking down at my stomach and saying look at that nice flat tummy…in my naive and shocked state I later looked in the mirror to be greated by a wrinkled, deflated sagging balloon. I have lost weight over the years but sadly my fold of soft, scarred flesh will always remain..maybe one day I will learn to love myself a little more. This definitely helps so thank you xxx

  32. Tacna

    Omg, this is exactly what I’m going through right now, i just gave birth 12 days ago & to my surprise i don’t feel horrible with the non stop teers, miserable baby blues i had with my first child. I have 2 boys both c section & i must set the pain & everything down there is nothing that u can get use to.
    Thank u very much for your honest truth & i wish every woman could read this & not being fooled by the media & some of those celebrities who just bounce back a week after delivery. I’m so motivated, encouraged & motivated by your blog & that I’m not going through all this body changing alone.
    Congratulations & keep inspiring us… Real Women!!!

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you for your words they mean the world! I too found that knowing and expecting those baby blues 2nd time around made it just that much easier, I still cried my eyes out but knew it would pass and just to ride with it not fight it – ha some days are still like that, just less of them:) lots of love to you and your bub xx

  33. Clarie

    Huge congratulations, on the blog and on motherhood! Pregnancy broke my body too – it took me a year after my first to stop being in pelvic pain, and then I went and got pregnant again. By the time I gave birth a second time I struggled to walk 5 mins to Lidl, or up and down stairs. Yet 18 months later (thanks to good physio, massages, and God) I ran-walked my first and only marathon. Everything is possible!

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you and go you for doing your first marathon I have no doubt a lot of hard work went into that, anything is possible! x

  34. Veronica Marie

    You’re truth has me in tears… It is my truth as well. Still adjusting and not feeling myself, not yet. My baby is 2 months young. I’d love to go for a run, eat better and on time and sleep would be great. However those things seem so out of reach right now. I don’t get out much due to crying baby, I eat when I can put baby down and that window of opportunity is a small one so my meals are typically junk food or high fat high carb foods and because my baby gets up more than 2 times during the night I am sleep deprived and my body aches from not moving as I should. Family and friends tell me these moments will pass and that is my consolation. Oh and I miss my husband. :'( Our relationship has had more downs lately than I’d like to admit. I’m changing that and making more deliberate acts of love and affection. Our marriage deserves nothing less. And as for my baby love she is worth all that I am going through and I would gladly do it again. As a matter of fact I am hoping to do this all over again very soon. Another baby would be a blessing. Let Gods will be done. Thank you for sharing your story. It is one shared by us mommy’s around the world.

  35. Cally

    Thank you Julie. I had my second child a month ago and am not healing as quickly as I did with my first. I constantly have to remind myself to be kind to myself and that I am keeping 2 beautiful little people alive. You are so brave to post photos and an inspiration. Thank you! I have many new mummy friends who I will be sharing this with!!

  36. Natalie

    Thank you for being so honest so many will appreciate it. It’s hard work dealing with body changes after the birth Of children I have two. boy age 5 and girl age 3 and it’s hard fitting everything in let alone exercising! Thanks for your blog it will help! X

  37. Katie

    Thank you for this post. I am currently pregnant with my first and have been struggling with how to prepare for the postpartum period. Reading your post helps me realize that I need to give myself a little slack and just be ready to take care of myself. Thank you.

  38. mourlie

    Thank you for sharing… tears for all the courage you had to show your beauty and vulnerability… it gives me strength and courage too!

  39. Naomi Arnold

    This is so amazing and beautiful to read and see. Thank you so very much for sharing your journey.

    And oh yes…

    You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are a mother.

    Love it. xo

  40. Edwina

    I have tears in my eyes… thank you for sharing your story, beautifully & honestly. My baby is nearly one and we’ve just found out we’re expecting our second! It makes such a difference when you hear other Mamas stories and see them in the flesh…so thank you! x

  41. Frances

    it is definitely a shock. Everyone hides the hard parts. I’ve had 4 little boys in roughly 4 and half years. {3rd one on Jan. 17, 2014} and I’ve felt pressure and judgement from how I looked to how I feed and care for them. It’s important for mothers to stick together and encourage one another to be themselves and proud of it. Props to you for applauding reality.

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Seems the 17th Jan is one awesome day for a baby!! 4 boys = total legend status xx

  42. Marie

    Hey there, thank you so much for such an awesome article! My 4th, and final, baby was born on the same day as yours about 5 hours earlier! I was more self-conscious about my body with the first 2, I wasn’t so much with the last 2 and my body seemed to recover faster. (Or maybe it learned how this baby thing worked – haha) Anyway, thank you for being so real. Respectfully, Marie

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Yay for a wicked birth-day:) Thank you for your kind words! Hope you are getting some sleep x

  43. Shanie

    What an inspiration you are , I just want to jump in the computer an hug you lol 🙂 ..I aslo have two boys and I wish I had of read this earlier the stigma of what new mums should do is depressing when getting through each day/night can be a task 🙂 your words are really touching/helpful thankyou xxxxx

  44. Chelsea

    Loved this so much! Your amazing, such a raw honest piece, exactly how it should be! X

  45. Devie

    Thank you for sharing, I’m somewhat in the same boat as you, 2 boys 15months apart, they are definitely worth the pain and all the marks that I have on my belly. It’s great to know I’m never alone 🙂

  46. Michelle

    What a wonderful , truthful piece to read ! Encapturing pregnancy & birth in all its glory such beautiful pictures too x

  47. Vanessa

    What an amazing post, I think every mum-to-be needs to read this and know its ok to love their post-partum, jiggly, lumpy bodies. I wasn’t fully prepared for the lumpy softness and am still coming to terms with having stretchmarks. You are beautiful x

  48. Emma

    Thank you. I am 5 months postpartum and I have been working extremely hard on getting my body back. I never had a good body and I have never worn a bikini but I needed to get the weight off. I piled on 4 stone and lost only 6lb through having a 9lb baby! I think I’ve been far too hard on myself though. I have 12lb left to go and in tired of salad and running x

  49. JoyAnn

    Thank you so much, that’s made me feel better. I am 40 and 4 months ago I gave birth to my 4th child, my eldest is 18. I am exhausted, my house is a mess and deeply depressed that I still don’t fit into my pre pregnancy clothes and my 5 year old keeps asking me if i have another baby in my belly as it’s still big. When I had my daughter 18 years ago I bounced back immediately, no one believed the baby was mine as I was so skinny and full of energy – oh how things are different now. Thank you for highlighting the realities of post part im and making many women realise they are normal. xx

  50. Carly

    Thank you so much for this. My second child was born 26 hours and 10 minutes before yours (mine is a daughter), and I have a similar scar to yours on my belly from appendicitis and then a twisted bowel two years later (ages 16 and 18). I’m reasonably certain I will never have a flat tummy again (or even one that looks flat under clothes) because there are some things that no amount of healthy diet and exercise will fix. It’s hard to let go of, hard to forgive myself for it, even though that notion is absurd because there’s nothing to forgive (but let’s face it, we’re fighting a lifetime of social conditioning here). Thank you for sharing your story and helping people like me (who are ironically the vast majority) feel less alone.

  51. Zoe Shackleton

    Julie, thank you for sharing your story and your photos. You are an inspiration to other mothers who no doubt, like many of us, feel under pressure to look gorgeous within a short space of time after giving birth. My daughters are 11 and 8 and I can honestly say that I have struggled to accept my body as it is now. I’m slim but scarred and no amount of exercise will make my tummy firm again. But I can now say that my body is amazing because it gave me my girls and they are worth being scarred and squidgy for. Perspective is everything and I would like to thank you for giving us all that xx

  52. Amy

    What an excellent read! My first was nine weeks early due to preeclampsia, and my second was born almost exactly one year later.. induced due to preeclampsia again. Almost 40 lbs of water gain each time on top of normal weight gain.. my formerly size 6 self was unrecognizable:( it is so hard! Now my second is 15 mos old, slowly starting to feel like my old self.. thank you for making me laugh and helping me to feel like it’s all normal:) still having small pangs of PPD from my second, articles like this are wonderfully healing!

  53. Sam

    I’m 4 weeks post partum and also have a 2 1/2 year old. I’m in love with my two wonderful children but I’m also overwhelmed, exhausted, un confident and very very down. You can feel so isolated and self involved at this stage when everything seems to be a struggle, so its great to be reminded that you’re not alone, that what you’re experiencing is normal and that it will get better. You are brave and wonderful for sharing your experiences and beautiful body Julie. Thank you so much x

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thanks so much Sam!! You are doing amazingly well, the fog will start to lift keep hanging in there! You are defiently not alone xx

  54. Lola Johnson

    Thank u for posting this. I’ve just done a 5am feed and Was flicking through my phone when I came across ur blog. I had my second the dy after u on jan 18th 2015 at 9.12am. Been looking this week for diets where I can drop the bulc of my baby weight as a start as my body has really been getting me down and my husband said he will do it with me so I have support. Having read this u have provided such an accurate description of whats it’s really like and it’s so great to know we r all the same. Being a mum is the best thing that’s ever happened to me but it’s hard to watch ur body change and as u said everyone judging u on why u haven’t just pinged bk. thank u for sharing ur experience and congrats on ur second baby!! X

  55. Molly

    Thank you for sharing your journey. I was drawn to your blog via Facebook when I saw your picture -someone who has scars that look like mine. I too, had an abdominal surgery gone wrong and what I’m left with looks strikingly similar to you. It gave me comfort to know someone else is carrying those scars too.

  56. Mahima

    I had a good cry reading this :)I truly felt for you and it brought back so many memories of my own pregnancy, I seriously wonder how the human race has managed to procreate for this long hahah
    It’s scary how much pressure we put on ourselves to get back to ‘normal’, constantly berating ourselves that if only we were a little more fitter we would’ve gotten through post-pregnancy better…it’s all nonsense. You are what you are and your body is getting through things the best it can. I truly felt broken like you did. Thank god time heals (most) things 🙂
    Amazing write-up!

  57. Rebecca

    You have just put in to words just about everything I felt. We all have our own journeys ( no broken ankle here but pphs, two double bells, a triple bell and a d& c) but you’ve been able to describe yours really well and I can relate to it totally. It’s extremely healing to know that someone gets it even though it’s just a blog

  58. Lynda

    Thank you so much Julie for this so true and right description of what it is about after birth. Our superficial work is so “tabou” about it and make women forget about what is it normal after birth, how the body looks like, how do you feel, what is yours feelings! So important to tell mums to be or new mums : please no guilt about yours feelings or your body : we are ALL going to the kind of same way. would love that fashion mag or feminine mag just get in their though this body and this woman is the norms, Stop showing us photoshop mummies!!!!

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  60. Azure Skye

    This is so beautiful, made me cry!

    I have crazy respect for you ladies who go through all this and then some. It is not easy, and I am not strong enough to handle ANY of this, and I just do not want to. I made a choice from a very young age – I do not want children.

    I love kids- my cousin has 3 beautiful kids under 9, and I love those 3 tykes to the moon and back. Their mum is amazing, and I began to understand what it all entailed when I started hanging out with her and the bubs. Those kids are just… so sweet, polite, smart and she is an amazing mum who’s sacrificed so much for them. As did my own mum- quitting her job to raise us, and only went back to work when I was 12. She also did her law degree when I was 9. Crazy and unexpected and my dad has always been so supportive. Don’t know how she did it, nevertheless!

    My best friend is currently 8 months along with her first, and I felt the baby move in her tummy for the first time yesterday. So amazing.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you and I hope your beautiful family spoiled you silly. xoxo from Malaysia.

  61. Lorna

    Thank you SO much Julie! A really beautiful piece and it made feel so much better about myself. It is so refreshing to see honest pictures of our bodies after childbirth. I gave birth to my second child 6 months ago and you describe those first few months perfectly! It’s so tough but worth it too (eventually!)

  62. Kelly

    Thank you for such an honest account you make me feel normal !! So many women trying to outdo each other in a race back to the pre pregnancy figure instead of being honest & trying to help each other out !! Thanks xx

  63. Nicola

    Thank you for writing this its just what I needed to read right at this time. I’m 12 weeks from giving birth to my 2nd daughter via section and I’m really down about the way my body looks. I’m not ‘bouncing’ back into shape like I did first time round. I to am a runner. I think every now and then we do need reminded of what an amazing thing we have created and what our bodies have went through. Thank you.

  64. David

    Amazing stories! As a man, whose wife had two babies (now 23 and 21) I can tell you that it is very easy to forget that your partner can be having these feelings.
    Pregnancy often occurs at a time of maximum work stress. In my case I was looking for a permanent job in a different part of the country.
    Men need to remember to tell their partners that they are still as attractive as they have ever been.
    My wife remains the most beautiful woman I have ever met. We met in 1986 and she has matured to perfection over the last 30 years.

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you David! I just love your last sentence! I can only but hope my husband and I will be the same in 30 years:)

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  67. Deb

    You are amazing. Thank you so much for posting this. I can relate with you down to the T (just missing that confidence though). It is just what I needed to hear today. I have had 4 babies, 2 IVF, 1 set of twins and have been struggling for 2 years to get into shape and feel good again. But you are right. I need to focus on all the good things I achieve every day, being a super woman, for my family. Good on you Julie. I think you are beautiful inside and out 🙂

  68. Jane

    such a comfort to read, thank you for such an honest yet entertaining account, you made light of something that at times can be all consuming. What a relief!!

  69. Terri

    Hello Julie!

    I just wanted to let you know that this post made me cry, and left me with an overwhelming sense of respect for you. I’m a 31 year old woman who knew years ago that I didn’t want to be a mother. I’ve never had that maternal need, but I am very happily married, and my husband has two beautiful kids who we get every weekend, so I don’t feel that I’m missing out on anything. Anyway, I just wanted to say, from a person who will never be able to understand what you’ve been through, you are indeed a beautiful and amazing mother. Well done to you, you have every right to feel proud. You’re an inspiration.

    Lots of love. Terri.

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you Terri your message means so much!

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  71. Steph

    Thank you so much. You have made me feel so much better. I have just had my first baby (he’s one week old) and I feel my body is wrecked. Your positive story and reminder to have realistic expectations is inspirational. Thank you so much.

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Hi Steph, oh those first few days – definitely thinking of you, time will heal things big hugs and yes remember you are doing an amazing job so if some things are not perfect well hey that’s ok! xxx

  72. Kelly Ginley

    Such an amazing, honest account! Your body feels like it’s been hit by a freight train, but you find the strength to carry on. I wouldn’t chamge it for the world. Mum’s Rock!! xx

  73. Heather Mbarek

    I just wanted to say thank you. I don’t have children but it’s a dream of mine that is proving difficult to fulfil. We have fertility issues and I have endometriosis to top it all off. I struggle to talk about it with my friends and family but being able to read your experiences is really comforting and warm. And hopefully one day I will be a mummy and your blog will have helped me learn to be kind to myself xx

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you Heather, I have read your reply a few times now with tears in my eyes! I will be crossing all fingers and toes that your little miracle happens xoxox

  74. Nicki

    Julie I wish I had your wisdom at your age. And you are right in all aspects except one, if you want to run a marathon again you can. I too have boys, three of them but I’m at the other end, they are now 14, 16 & 19 and you took me right back to the beginning again. Juggling three in the bath, breastfeeding the baby while bottle feeding the toddler and hoping the preschooler was behaving. Lol. I can laugh now, back then a bit more zombie like. But although I never ran a marathon prior to having kids and jiggly bits I have since. Great to get some space and time on your own, why not have a goal. Great writing, keep it up and yes I still have the jiggly bits they never really go away but they are my tiger stripes, I am a mother!

    1. Adrienne

      Thanks is good to know! Thank you. I’m in the same 3 under 5 at the moment. Nice to get some perspective.

  75. Anita

    it was nice to see your photos and read the blog.
    I had only 2 pregnancies, and always looked like huge ball, swollen like Kim Kardashian. no matter what I put on myself
    I looked terrible.
    I forgot how long did it take the first time to lose the belly, I was breastfeeding but it took me few months. I also experienced postnatal depression, the worst experience of my life. I was afraid the second time. I had to come off the medication for the baby’s safety but felt ok (mentally only) through all second pregnancy.
    during my second pregnancy I did a lot of research about prevention of PND- not much but placenta encapsulation sounded like a perfect natural idea. I went for it and don’t regret it. it wasn’t disgusting as some people might think. I washed it, kept it in lemon juice for a day then cut into pieces, dried and encapsulated it. it was my savior. I am free of PND and I am so happy about it. I was mad at myself that for 5 months after birth I still had to worn pregnancy clothes, especially trousers.

    women are so upset because there is so much pressure on us to be the perfect mom, look at the Dutchess of Cambridge, bloody hell. done in 8 hours, perfect to go home. she can’t be allowed to look like tired mother who just delivered a baby.

    fair play to you woman.
    thank you for sharing it.

  76. Christine

    It’s been nearly 26 years since I gave birth to my first of three children – all of them the size of baby elephants. Reading your story and the comments that others have made, brought back a lot of memories, especially of the gigantic maternity pads lol. No one tells you the little things about having a baby – crying when nothing is wrong, that labour is so relentless, the bone weariness, the bruised vagina that takes days to heal (or the bruised and sometimes cracked coccyx bone), feeling very cold in the first few days, a lot of hair falling out in the few months after, that you aren’t a bad mother if you don’t instantly bond with your baby (my mother made me feel like crap when I tried to talk to her about feeling this way) and that you would gladly give them away some days and you aren’t being mean when you don’t want visitors after having very little sleep. That everyone has bad days and to call on your friends and family to help, no one is a super mum! My husband was a ‘new age’ before it became fashionable and I couldn’t have done it without him, although he would always call out if he had a ‘three hander’ pooh.
    Now my children have grown up into young adults, one has flown the nest and the others would if they had enough money, the challenges are less but they will always need you and you will be the first person you call when they have news to share. Enjoy the ride because it will seem to fly by and then the next challenge will be learning how to live without them around all the time and how you sometimes wish they were babies again.
    Good luck!

  77. Cindy in GA

    Bravo!! So glad to have come across this via Facebook. Mom of 5, here.

  78. Samantha

    Thank you for posting this, I can really relate to this. I gave birth to my third baby on 4th Jan 2015, 11 months after having my second baby and have been struggling with the postpartum phase mentally this time. After having two babies in a row I couldn’t actually remember what my body use to be like and am only just starting to feel myself again. You have captured the aftermath of pregnancy and birth brilliantly, I love the part about painful uterine contractions after birth being like labour, made me giggle as exactly what I said to the midwife afterwards!! Nice to see real photos, you see so many photos of women’s bodies growing/changing through pregnancy but never afterwards. All women should see this, beautiful xx

  79. Beth Clayton

    So pleased you’ve shared this. Shows the real, beautiful body after birth! I’m struggling to deal with my new, changed shape and after 15 weeks I hoped I’d be back feeling ‘normal’ again. How wrong I was! Never struggled with confidence in every day life or in the gym but at the moment it’s a real struggle! You look wonderful, and a very cute little one too! x x

  80. Angie

    Perfect! This is just what I need – an honest post about Postpartum. My cousins have perfect postpartum bodies, walking around in bikinis and posting postpartum pics on social media (& fishing for compliments), rubbing it in my face, asking me again & again why I have stretchmarks (and whether it has faded) where others in my family don’t. So glad to have read this!

  81. laura

    As I gear up for #3!? What was I thinking.? I am so glad to see a belly that looks like mine, right down to the vertical sunken scar from a similar appendix gone wrong adventure.

  82. Suzy Morrison.

    thankyou, so much Julie for the very honest and frank way you have told it how it is. I am the mother of 4 of the most magnificent adults this world knows, and have 2,& 1/2 grandchildren of my own and 3step grandchildren, all of whom I love equally. I have watched my girls all go through their pregnancies with their individual struggles, and survive the postpartum phases in differing ways, which at times has made my heart bleed for them. I hope that other girls who read your story can now relax and as much as possible, enjoy the ride, rather than get overwhelmed by expectations…real or implied…and perceptions that are not relevant in the least . You are right. It is hard work, and at times feels soul destroying , but there is absolutely nothing in this universe that equals the joy felt when your baby looks up at you with recognition in his eyes, and a huge toothless smile. Congratulations Julie, and to your husband, for creating such a perfect family.

  83. pamelopee

    Thank YOU so much!
    I got 2 children in my own and sometimes I think I am the only one …. .
    One was about 4000 g and more …. :O

  84. Lizzie

    Yes, we are judging you … we’re judging your level of AWESOME! Thanks for telling it like it is.

  85. Aynsley

    Julie. You’re truly amazing. Your post is so honest and open. Love it! After giving birth to our precious daughter almost three weeks ago, the memories of those first few days post partum are still so fresh. Yes there were tears (of joy, pain and many for reasons unknown), many moments of ‘what do I do now’ fear, and of course the ‘oh hell where is the pain relief’after only standing to try and walk a whole four steps three days post delivery! After six days in hospital we were finally “released” into the big wide world. Nothing can prepare you for the roller coaster that follows. New feelings, emotions and ‘coping skills’ kick in. Then all of a sudden in the middle of the night you look at the gorgeous bundle your are nursing and wonder how two people that love each other can create such a perfect little person. We are beautiful, we are amazing and we are mothers. Thank you so much x

  86. Angela Herbert

    Dear Julie, I have just read your post ( 4 times!! ) and want to tell you that you made me cry. My beautiful second son was born by Caesarian 32 years ago last Monday 25th May and although we both nearly didn’t make it, due to emergency surgery and my severe reaction to the medications, the struggle for months after I got home and a few years of depression haven’t once made me wish I had never done it. I DID eventually ” appear” out the other end and, if I am really truthful, I WOULD do it again if it meant having another baby who would grow up to be such a caring, empathetic, clever and special young man.
    To ALL the young mums in the world You are doing the HARDEST job ever and you can only do your best with what you have at the time!! With love to ALL Mums in the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  87. Vicki Currie

    Wow what a fantastic article, you had me laughing the whole way through. It is so lovely to read the realities of child birth, it is so difficult, I have had 4 home births and the last one was so much harder it made me realise I’d been left off lightly with the other births. Post partum is so hard as well, you describe it really well. I do have a tip that I learnt with baby number 4 and that is give up coffee if you are breast feeding – and very carefully watch all that you ingest as even one tiny orange or bit of onion will set them off, coffee stops bubba sleeping and also is very acidic for them to deal with, baby number 3 was very unsettled for me and in retrospect I think that was what did it as I was a total coffee lover and had to have my 2 cups no matter what. I now drink green tea which doesn’t seem to react with bubba.
    You are an amazing lady for sharing you story!!!! : )

  88. Sally Mac

    Thank you thank you thank for writing something so honest. I’m expecting my first in October and I have been searching for some ‘realness’ to describe the after and what I can expect my body to go through. I don’t need anything sugar coated and I certainly don’t want to be surprised. So thanks again. That was a refreshing emotional read, but something I absolutely needed to hear.

  89. Shane

    Well. Thank you for this article – it is helpful. My wife just gave birth to our fourth and it’s been a rough ride for all concerned but we’re getting through it.

    I’m trying to articulate a thought – I hope it comes out right… as a male, a husband I guess, I know we’re seen often as passengers in this whole process. I also, of course, acknowledge that it’s the mum’s that go through a great deal of effort, pain and relentless work to bring kids into the world and raise them.

    But the impact on a woman’s body is – clearly – a shock to her. It’s also a shock to her husband/partner, I’d suggest. Probably worth remembering that men’s views and expectations are shaped by the very same glossy magazines and pop culture that promotes certain body images as ‘normal,’ for both men and women.

    I think it’s very helpful for blogs like this and the movement in general to be visible – to change culture to help all of us. Having realistic expectations and an ability to cope with change in a positive way that is not hampered by a perception that things need to get back to the ‘way they used to be’ as soon as possible, and if they can’t then a spirit of defeat and disillusionment can take hold that isn’t fair on anyone.

    And to do this, I suspect culture needs to change. So that young girls don’t recoil in horror at the thought of the price that mum’s need to pay. So that men don’t see the ‘beautiful’ woman they married/partnered physically change in ways their trained brain tells them is ugly and confronting.

    This article has opened my eyes a little – because people don’t talk about this stuff – it’s personal, it’s embarrassing. If can get beyond the mistaken sense that it’s not only us who have to deal with this stuff – that it’s everybody – I think that is the first step to changing perception.

    I’m probably buggered it all up and come off sounding like an ungrateful superficial male. Certainly not my intent.

    At any rate – thanks for posting this. It is helpful.

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Hi Shane – I totally appreciate your comments and I got your message there! I totally agree – all the research I have done in this area – both in terms of physical changes and exhaustion, the research studies strongly indicate that if women (and yes men!) are prepared for this it is more likely to stop the overwhelm when it does happen. You are very right, people don’t talk about it, I am the oldest of 4 children so I had no sisters to tell me, show me, my mother didn’t talk about it – it was all learnt through the school of hard knocks – and from the moving comments I have got so many other women also suffer alone. Hope your wife is doing well x

  90. Natascha

    Wow. So wonderful. What a miraculous text. Just great.

    Thank you for these wonderful words, the real photos of a mother. THANK YOU!

    I am a 2-fold mother (32 years) from Switzerland and it really touched me. Keep up the good and all the best for your family.

  91. Adrienne

    Yes! I am reading this during a 4am night feed with my 2 week old baby. Perfect timing. I appreciate the reality check and the solidarity. I’m on baby #3 and had to hang up my skates at 20 weeks. You articulate the trade of an athletes body for a difficult pregnancies SO WELL. All I can think is- me too. Thanks for your honesty and for sharing!

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Hi Adrienne thank you for your message! I hope you are managing some sleep in there somewhere! x

  92. nadia

    Thank you!!

    New mom here from Denmark. I had a cesarean and I have felt so broken..
    Loved your blog!

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  94. Marianne Ryan PT

    I think you look great! How brave of you to share honest photos of what it looks like to be postpartum.
    I recently published a book you may find helpful, Baby Bod – Turn Flab to Fab in 12 Weeks Flat and I would love to send you a copy. It is a groundbreaking program that bridges the gap between medical care and fitness advice. I am a physical therapist passionate about helping women reclaim their bodies after childbirth.
    Please email me if you are interested in getting a copy of the book; I would love to hear what you think of it:)

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you! I would be keen to read this!

  95. Lynne

    I am 26 years post partum!! My two are 29 [nearly] and 26, and my daughter a mother herself – she will probably read this blog entry. How I wish there had been items/articles like this when I had my son as I sank into post natal depression [undiagnosed]. It is so encouraging to read the truth of one of the most wonderful things we are ever priviledged to do. A phrase that has stuck with me since my son was a babe ‘something that begins with labour was never going to be easy’. It’s tough, it’s fun, it’s love. But the best thing any of us will ever do. Hold onto the wobbly bits that will return in your 50s after you thought they had gone, the scars that tell OUR story. Congratulations to all you mums out there, you are doing brilliantly.

  96. Ashleigh

    So glad I stumbled across this blog piece Julie. It’s gems like this that I will store in mind and cling onto during the tough times that I will no doubt face when I have my first baby in 20 weeks!

    You are inspirational and brave, and you’re so right – it’s a tough world for females (let alone mums) to live in these days, given the ridiculous social pressures all around us. Refreshing and empowering hearing real words from amazing mothers.

    By the way, you are gorgeous and I LOVE how you smile so genuinely despite the reality of the tough times that shine thru in your words!

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  98. Lave

    Thank you Julie for your insight 🙂
    The first time I read this I was probably 28weeks into my pregnancy and browsed through your story and the pictures. Not thinking too much into it but thinking its great to see the ‘realer’ side of pregnancy and postpartum.

    Now at 37weeks and going through the baby blues I am so glad you went into detail.

    I woke up at midnight to empty my bladder for the 5th time since falling asleep and couldn’t help but want to cry. I see my body changing and it feels like its for the worst.

    I quickly looked up your blog and found piece of mind reading through it again, but taking my time with each sentence and trying to absorb it in.

    Thankyou for posting this up.
    I understand a little bit more now that we are beautiful, we are amazing and that I am about to be a mother. Also that that its not going to be all roses and unicorns- but it does get better, we just need time 🙂

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      You are so very welcome! Hang in there it can be really tough at the tail-end of your pregnancy – but you are right, time is a great healer and it will get better! Soon your bubs will be in your arms – just take one day – hell even one hour at a time! Much love to you xxx

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  100. Rochelle

    Stumbled across this blog somehow and feel compelled to write to you.. I nearly did a little wee from laughing.. yeah that’s right, after 2 kids (now 14 and 16) I can barely sneeze without wetting myself!
    Anyhow I loved your honesty and frankness and mostly your sense of humour!! God knows we need that.. (just wait til they’re teenagers!!)
    Power to you fellow mother and enjoy all stages of your babies, it goes quick xxx

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you Rochelle (I am with you in the wee-department too!) xx

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  103. Niamh

    Fair play to you for your honesty, nice to see there are some frank women out there, who dearly love their beautiful babies, but won’t be shamed out of speaking and showing the truth on a public platform.

    It’s a physical and emotional rollercoaster when your body has taken a year of serious strain and then all of a sudden you’re caught between feeling like a superhero (which we are) and a car wreck! Women are entitled to voice that. New mothers should never be completely fobbed off with a ‘well you should be grateful for your healthy baby’ – I’ve never heard anyone say that to a new father grappling with his role.

    My little girl was born in January too and I’m still having to squeeze before I sneeze. Bet even the most tummy tucked of the ‘bounce back’ brigade get that too ;D

  104. Christine Siddall

    Brilliant Julie. I had my babies 27 years ago but I still remember my husband’s comment: “So you’ve still got a bump then” after my 1st baby was born! I always tell new mums to be patient and that it takes weeks/months for your body to return to pre pregnancy. Thanks for publishing your 1st hand knowledge and I hope it will relieve some of the pressure on new mums so that they can enjoy their babies!

  105. Victoria Dodd

    Thank you so much for your bravery at doing this! I am a mother of a 2.5year old and still have a jelly belly as I call it. I love your frank and honest writing and pictures. I’m not so bothered anymore about my mummy tummy that I have as I hope to fill it with another baby in the not too distant future and go through all this again. After reading your blog it looks like baby 2 is different than the first and you view things slightly differently. I hope I can be as positive about my body second time around and can find time for a shower lol.
    Thanks again xx

  106. zina

    Absolutely gorgeous…both you and your son what a proud mum you look! Your son is going to break some hearts he is so handsome even at this young age. good on you for showing what its really like in the real world with” normal” people. I am a nan now my baby is 30 but you made my day! God bless you and your lovely family.

  107. sarah

    what I immediately thought was what an absolutely gorgeous baby! congratulations

  108. Emma

    I really enjoyed reading this you are so honest and funny at the same time. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I have two boys 3.5 and 1 and can totally relate! Looks like you have inspired lots of mums thank you for making us all know we are normal! Emma xx

  109. Tania

    A doubt: There was a natural/vaginal childbirth or a cesarean?

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Natural with my first and induced and delivered vaginally with my second – the scar is from multiple appendix surgeries I went through at 21

  110. Revell

    I think you have made a very interesting and honest contribution here. I hope many new and prospective mums read it. Incidentally, apart from anything else, you are an attractive and sexy woman!

  111. tracey

    I just seen your photos while searching for something else and I just had to write THANK YOU!! for one posting your photos and letting the real world see what a REAL body looks like, I often as a mother feel I should be back to a size I was before after having my sons due to society, but in fact I am not but I am grateful to have healthy children and I wouldn’t have it any other way..

  112. Alyce

    Thank. Thank you so much for your refreshing honesty and allowing us ‘normal’ women a chance to believe we are okay.

  113. lucia

    Just great! I have 9 from nearly 2 to 19 im 10 and a half stone with no waist and a jelly belly,Yours looks fine to me.
    But well done you brave lady,And that baby off yours is a dote, he just reminds me of my last wee one ,Puts me in the mood for one more, God I should not say that out loud 😉 All the best to you babys and your tum tum …;)

  114. Helena

    OOOw, those cute babies are definitely worth it! I too have jiggly bits that won’t seem to go away.. they annoy me, but all is forgotten everytime my own bundle of joy simply smiles, or yawns, or waves or ..

  115. Catherine

    Oh god, i love how honest you are. I am going to save this blog to my phone and read it again after i give birth. I am 20 weeks with my first and as terrifying and intense as your blog is it is the most real thing i have seen yet and i am sure it will be a comfort to me soon. Well done ☺

  116. Jessica

    Thank you so much!!! I am a first time mum, my daughter is 8 months old and I still have not got back to my pre-baby body. I have felt so unattractive, exhausted and depressed and I just don’t have the energy to work out, diet and get a celebrity post baby body, which is completely unrealistic anyway. I’m so happy someone had the courage and strength to admit the truth about life after a bub. Thank you!!

  117. Karen

    Julie, I so respect your description of what it feels like and willingness to go through it, and having witnessed this sort of stuff in my 20s – well, this was a key factor in my deciding not to become a mother. I respect people who can go through with this nevertheless, because I just simply wouldn’t have had the bottle.

    I also hate the way that a lot of men judge women on their bodies – regardless of whether they wanted kids or not in the first place – they judge, despite the fact that one’s body has been put through a great deal, (i.e. one’s organs are normally rearranged) despite the fact that these women might be their wives, and despite the fact that the woman is normally the primary caregiver (and also the primary breadwinner, at times).

    The “punctual blues” (as described by Kate Bush) are one thing, but carrying a child and giving birth are quite another, and not something that everyone can understand – so sending you lots of strength, dear woman! X

  118. Becky Thomson

    Hi Julie,
    I love your phrase or perhaps affirmation of I am beautiful, I am amazing, I am a mother. It was so refreshing to read this blog. So many of us who are mothers appreciate your sentiments and it’s not until we go through the powerful and life changing events of pregnancy and birth that we can fully understand how our body become the vehicle to new life and how the changes we go through both before and after birth significantly change us forever. In saying that it is these changes we would also never trade because they all tell our very own story in all its Complexity and perfection. I have 4 beautiful children and I cherish every moment from birth and beyond.

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  122. KTX

    I’m pregnant with my second little girl right now, and while I bounced back pretty easily in my abdomen and the rest of my body, I completely lost what small chest I had after breastfeeding my firstborn for 9 months. I mean, they were GONE. I’m not sure a AAA cup would be filled by what’s left up there when I’m not pregnant. (And yes, I am celebrating my pregnancy boobs while I have them!) I have a truly wonderful husband who reminds me how much he loves me exactly as I am and loves my body in all states, and tells me how amazing it is that my body grew and nourished a child and is doing it again. But even with all that, I’ve been toying with the idea of having a breast augmentation in a few years because I was feeling so reduced as a woman by being completely flat up top. Your photos and your story are helping to remind me that it’s ok if I don’t go back to the exact way I was before. I’m doing the important work of mommying that matters so much to me, and my heart has been changed by that work- and so has my body, and that’s ok. Thank you for your honesty, humor, courage, and kind words, and your children are beautiful and look so very loved!

  123. Michelle

    Hi Julie, thanks for the wonderful post. I really thought taking the photo with baby in hand was great! It’s a reminder that its not all about the body and ourselves, but the little life that’s been produced.
    It’s funny I’m almost 50 and my kids are adults now, but I still remember what you’re talking about! The tough times when you’re feeling exhausted and inadequate, and then you look back and wonder how you got through. But I also remember the quiet times when they’re sleeping and you gaze at their little faces and wish you could stop time for just that moment, then all the effort to get there doesn’t seem so bad. You seem like a beautiful person with a beautiful family. All the best!

  124. Amy

    Most authentic post on the web about how postpartum really is. So beautiful. Thank you so much for being real-so inspiring!

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  126. Dorothy

    Thank you. My son is 2 &1/2 & im still struggling with my belly & new look body. I was enormous when pregnant, my belly button couldnt even pop because it was stretched to oblivion. I had no family support apart from my awesome husband and ended up suffering from depression. All because I thought I still looked pregnant & ugly. I couldn’t even look at myself let alone let my husband see. I’m learning to like the new mum body I have now but still struggling. I wish I could have been as brave as you.

  127. Anoushka See

    Hi Julie! You look beautiful! I have not got children yet but I do wish to have children one day. But I have always been afraid of giving birth but after seeing your photos and reading your experiences it doesn’t seem that daunting anymore 🙂 so thank you for sharing your story :)!!!

    Lots of love x x x

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  149. LJ

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for writing this blog, you fab lady xxx

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  156. Flávia de Sá

    Querida, você fez algo ótimo para todas nós. Vivi o mesmo tipo de cobrança. Sou brasileira, neste país tropical e machista somos cobradas desde o berço. Muito obrigada por ser tão corajosa! Um forte abraço!

  157. Sophie

    Thank you Julie – not quite 2 weeks post partum and the hormones have hit me like a train – to read such an honest blog (with pictures) has given me some perspective. Thanks again

  158. Jillian

    I am 7 weeks pregnant and your post made me terrified to have the baby. Wow

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Hi Jillian, you are built for this and you will be amazing! It will really help to be prepared though that there will be some challenges, it will help stop the overwhelm when it comes, it will be brutal and beautiful all at once – any you will want to do it all over again xxx

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  160. Samoina Wangui

    WOW, this is amazing!!!!! I love how real this post, and the author are. Most moms do not ‘bounce back’ immediately, and pressure from the media has us thinking we are less than perfect. Here is to rocking motherhood (and jiggly tummies) 🙂

  161. Corrine

    I know many others have already said this but thank you so much for posting this! I am not a Mum yet but hope to be shortly & I worry about how my body will change. If I could look anything like you just a couple of weeks after giving birth I would be over the moon! It’s nice to feel that we won’t all bounce back & that that’s ok. I admire Kate Middleton but I had to do a double take when reading a magazine article this week! She looks identical to her pre-pregnancy self & she was out playing with George. I checked the date on the front of the magazine several times (June 2015) as I couldn’t believe she could have given birth just a few weeks before!!! So it’s refreshing to read the story of a normal non-celeb Mum which is so honest about the realities of becoming a Mother! I’ll be saving your blog to read in the future when I’ll probably be in need of some post-childbirth comfort & reassurance. Much love to you & your beautiful family xxx

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  163. Aline

    I have no words to thank you for sharing your precious story and photos. I gave birth to baby #3 just 6 weeks after Kade Middleton’s second delivery – and I couldn’t help comparing my body to hers. And it’s so unfair… I am glad to have read your story, and would like to tell you that you’re inspiring and encouraging new moms in the other side of the world – literally! Congratulations, wish the best for your lovely family

  164. nurlienda

    Thanks Julie, Your awesome. Describing your experience in a great way, for me as a girls, that make me feel so grateful to my mommy and become a new knowledge.
    Nice too meet you 🙂

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  167. Misty

    This was so refreshing to read! I recently (okay, 5 months ago) gave birth to my 4th blessing. I love my children with all my heart. I have so much respect for what my body accomplished, but looking in the mirror is HARD. My stomach will never be bkini worthy again. My stretch marks and muscle separation are ugly. It looks like I have 2 belly buttons instead of one. It’s nice to see another realistic mom body.

  168. Cecilia

    From Europe with love!!!! You look beautiful Julie!!!! Congratulations on your lovely family

  169. Alex Dean

    This is great. I wish I’d seen something like this when I had my babies (now 13 and 8). No one can ever prepare you for what happens, especially as we are all different but it’s lovely to know you’re not the only one. It is all worth it, and more. And it does get easier so keep at it. Thank you for sharing! x

  170. Nat

    It is definitely good that the taboos about pregnancy and motherhood fall and reality gets to the eyes of the “maybe future mothers”. Not everybody wants to deform their body but not all women know that it is a REALITY that will happen to them if they choose to become mothers. No wonder that there is so many postpartum depression… For motherhood to be a REAL choice it has to be with REAL information. And this one is only one of the many taboos that remain not told from motherhood… THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SHARING!!!!!

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  173. Vanida

    Thank you for this post. I share the same feeling with 2 kids and full time working. I’m exhausted everyday but I am happy and love every moment of it 🙂

  174. Katie

    Stumbled upon your blog. I gave birth to my baby boy JULY 16, 2015. Your words and photos were so refreshing to read and see. I am typically very active and always have been. I am amazed at how difficult it was to even walk the first two weeks! The road to recovery is apart of this journey and I have to rind myself of that. Of course al worth it. I can sit and stare at my little guy all day! And thank you for mentioning how difficult breast feeding was. I had no idea and have ended up pumping and feeding formula. Thanks again for being brave and sharing your story! Cheers here state side in Portland, Oregon, USA.

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  178. Morgane

    Hello from France,
    I just see an article about your photos and I was very touched.
    I’ve never been pregnant, but I saw my friends and my sisters in law. I know how it can be hard sometimes to smile to everybody, just when you want to cry alone !
    Congratulations for this article and for the invaluable assistance you bring to women.
    I wish you much happiness and joy.

  179. Marta

    Muchas gracias Julie, por haber tenido el valor que nos falta a muchas otras mamás, de haberte hecho estas estupendas fotografías para enseñarnos a todas las que somos mamás que éste es el cuerpo normal de una mamá normal tras tener un bebé.
    Gracias a tus fotografías muchas mamás del mundo sentirán que no son bichos raros por no tener un cuerpo 10 tras el parto, como las mujeres que vemos a diario en las revistas y en la televisión.
    Es una pena que estas fotografías las veamos mayormente las que hemos sido madres, y no lo hagan los maridos y hombres que nos hacen sentirnos “feas y gordas” después de haber tenido hijos.
    Pero estoy segura de que todas las madres del mundo te agradecen este gesto, tanto las normales como las que no lo son tanto y necesitan sufrir mucho para demostrar a todos lo estupendas que están.

    Julie, thank you very much for having the courage that many other moms lack.
    Thank you very much to show us these great pictures and to show all moms that this is the normal body of an ordinary mother after having a baby.
    Thanks to your photographs many moms of the world feel they are not weirdoes for not having a body 10 after childbirth as women we see every day in magazines and on television.
    It’s a shame that we mostly moms who see these photos, and do not do husbands and men who make us feel “fat and ugly” after having children.
    But I am sure that all mothers in the world will appreciate this gesture, both normal and those that need to suffer a lot to show everyone how great they are.

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  181. Julie

    Such a great story and so very true. I too have 2 wee boys 21 months apart, and 14 weeks pregnant with number 3. Motherhood is the most amazing job, yes its damn hard work and breaks your body, bit wouldn’t change it for anything. The bond a child brings and the love is amazing. Xx

  182. Isabelle

    Hi Julie,
    Sending a ‘Bonjour’ from Paris, France, to thank you for showing what it really is, to be a mother. I am not as young as you are, I gave birth twice, 15 and 13 years ago, at resp 33 and 35. I put on 18 and 15 kilos when I was pregnant, I did not want to deprive myself, nor my babies
    I was very slim until then, no fat at all, perfect shapes (you may have heard of Paris women’s figures ;-)) but pregnancy DOES modify your body, and although I got back to normal weight and slim body, it took a while (= several months), huge efforts, I was depressed and exhausted, and at the end my belly is definitely NOT as flat and tonic as it used to be – and it will never be again.
    So what ? It is a fact, times passes and our body reflects our life events ; which life event is more magic, beautiful and gratifying than giving birth ? Our Mum’s shapes tell about our contribution to the human adventure, we can and must be proud
    So thank you again for your refreshing post, no doubt it will cheer up and give strength to many mums over the planet
    And welcome to your lovely baby ! I wish you and your family a long and peaceful life,

    Isabelle, Paris.
    (apols for my English, I don’t practice much ; my French is much better ;-))

  183. Ginger Greenwood

    I’m not much on kids and somehow stumbled here on accident but your older boy is adorable.

  184. Pingback: Julie laat zien hoe je lichaam er écht uitziet na de zwangerschap - Famme -

  185. Julie East

    Wow, an amazingly truthful and honest account of the realities of having a baby or two. I remember giving birth to my first baby 25years ago – I was horrified at the state it left my body in, I had a flabby, wobbly sack where my baby had once been! My mum and dad visited me the next dad and my dad said, ‘Julie, I thought you’d had the baby!” I was mortified, he’s a dad of three, was my body not supposed to look like this! But I checked the rest of the ward – yep, we all pretty much looked the same, bruised and battered!

    The road to full recovery sometimes felt very slow and rocky but now 25 years on and at the ripe old 50 I look back at those years with some fondness. The human body is a remarkable thing.

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  187. Natasha

    5 weeks post partum and really needed a post like this. Thank you!

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Your very welcome! 5 weeks your in the middle of it all! Thinking of you xx

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  189. Jennifer

    Thank you so much for this. I feel validated. I had a really hard time after my pregnancy. I didn’t gain a lot of weight, but I’m plus size anyway. I wasn’t expecting the changes that happened to my body. In addition, I was in a bad relationship and I had post partum depression. I have never had much self esteem and was even less then. Almost 12 years later, I am the largest I have ever been and in another unhappy relationship. I have never accepted my post- baby body. Thank you for being so candid. My journey to love and accept myself starts today. I am amazing.

  190. Lori

    My youngest child is almost 23 and my body handled 3 pregnancies, bouncing back fairly well. But now at 55, I have lost all control (thanks, menopause!) and have a terrible body image that I struggle with EVERY day. I just wanted to let you know that your blog was inspirational to me too! Thank you for sharing–your family is adorable! 🙂

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  192. Bernadette

    I remember how mortified I felt 37 years ago. A cutie with a little bump asked me when I was due to have my baby. I was on my first ‘long’ walk from my bed having recently given birth by emergency Caesarian section. That jiggly, marked tum eventually shrunk. Four more births, all VBAC, have done interesting things to my body. Back in the dark ages before pregnancy I had no shape whatsoever. Now I have breasts, that sag. Hips that mostly behave themselves. And my own very special ruched tum. I wouldn’t swap this body that I have learned to love for all the money in the world, it is an eternal witness to the greatest honour given. I am a mother. I am a grandmother.

  193. Pingback: Julie Bhosale : mon ventre après la grossesse « TiChoups

  194. Charlotte

    Thank you Julia! That’s exactly how I felt during my first post partum year… you truly get in touch with yourself and you get to KNOW your body for the first time like never before… so I still don’t look like a topmodel, but I have this beautiful little daughter that gave me a great gift:focus on the realy important things in life and become maybe an even better version of myself than I was before pregnancy!

  195. Christine

    bonjour , j’arrive ici par le site d’une chaine française , je vous dis bravo !!Bravo MMe , moi j’ai 50 ans deux garçons et malgré le sport la diététique , et autres j’ai un ventre flasque et plein de vergeture …Super pour ces chers princesses, Kate , ou Charlène qui arborent un magnifique ventre plat même après des jumeaux ….C’est navrant , désolant et écœurant …n’oublions pas que ces dames ont une batterie de personnes qui s’occupent d’elles , qu’elles ne se lèvent pas 3 ou 4 fois par nuit en restant éveillés le jour , etc etc …Nous les femmes normales , on lève , on fait notre job parfois très durs et nous n’avons pas le temps de filer à la salle de sport 2h par jour et ensuite chez l’esthéticienne ???Bravo pour votre courage d’avoir affiché votre corps , que moi je trouve beau , mais je suis MAMAN …
    Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde !!biz de France !!

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  197. vernier

    Bonjour ,merci madame pour ce témoignage qui feras entrée dans la réalité beaucoup de jeune filles et les aideras à ne pas souffrir lors de leurs manifique aventure que représente la grossesse tank you

  198. Mini

    Hallo Julie!

    I just saw a report about you on german TV. I am a mother of two wonderful childs and my body is not perfect (it never was…). All i wanna say is THANK YOU- YOU ARE MY HERO!!! YOU ARE WONDERFUL!
    Lot’ s of love from Mini!!!!

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      You are very welcome Mini!! Here’s to un-perfect but amazing mummy body’s xx

  199. Mayra

    Hi i’m from brazil! It is execpted here to Look sexy After a few weeks postpartum. My Body (abdomen, legs, but) Looks normal. I am luky
    But after breastfeeding my chest looks like outblown baloons 😂
    Julie You are so taf strong!
    Your Story is beatiful congratulation for You and your Family.

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  202. Ursula Rauch

    Hi Julie,
    Great, what you write.
    Sad, that it seems to be necessary for so many women.
    Best wishes and regards (from Germany) 😀

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  205. Pingback: 很多人說生完孩子身材能迅速變好,但這才是大家不願面對的真相。

  206. Наталья

    Привет Джулия!) я из России . Г. Брянск. Про тебя узнала из российских новостей. Ты Умничка.!!!!!)))) у меня тоже 2 деток. Муж араб из палестины. Спасибо тебе. Вдохновляешь . А я очень комплексую из за живота. Младшему сыну 22 августа годик исполняется а у меня внизу складка. И живот не подтягивается. Качаю пресс а он как вкопанный .)))

  207. Alex

    Thank you very much for this brave pictures and statements! i hope that you can reach as many people as possible, to share this great Blog!

    I hope a lot of mothers and also men will lost their fears and learn that there is nothing to hide or to feel ashamed for after you give birth!

    ( Sorry for my english – i know its not the best, i´m from Germany 😉 )

  208. rose

    you have so eloquently captured what it is like, I wish the magazines etc. would stop with the so-and-so had a baby and this is how they got their body back in no time nonsense. It is an unreality for most of us. Thank you for reminding us of what is real, and what is most valuable our sense of being and our amazing families (husbands and kids altogether)

    Take care

  209. April

    This is beautiful and comical and just perfect! Thank you, thank you for sharing your honest struggles and helping remind us mommies to feel good about ourselves and grateful to have our beautiful children!

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Your welcome April, thank you for your kind words x

  210. Kelly

    I’m joining the ranks of thank yous, Julie. I am still amazed at how little preparation there is for those first weeks and months after a baby comes. The mention of depression somehow suffices, but there is so much more that we all go through. I remember sitting on the couch with my tiny daughter screaming (turned out she was hungry because it took eight weeks for us to make breastfeeding work), and not being able to move for fear of ripping stitches, and just being amazed that no one had ever talked to me about anything beyond counting contractions and walking and dancing through labor pains. I don’t regret for a moment having my daughter, but yes, those Kate Middleton pictures say everything about the superficial things that we celebrate even while privately living another reality. Thank you not just for being real, but for sharing. It’s so important.

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  212. Ramona

    What a beautiful way to share your Journey!!! You are an inspiration for every mommy out there who did not “bounce” back to perfection! thank you!

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  215. Groman Émilie

    I’m a french midwife the and I found your blog with an article from ” l’Express ” . I created a website dedicated to postpartum sexuality an I would share your blog on this website if you’re ok? The website is in French but if you want look it :
    I will expect your response (on my mail if it’s possible).
    Thank you and sorry with my english ^^

  216. Carina

    WOW!! Woman!! This is an amazing piece of you (and millions of women, including myself, of course!) put out there to the world that’s helping us feel good about ourselves! I finite thanks for your contribution that makes this world a much better place =D. Love from Patagonia, Argentina =D
    Carina (mother of two gorgeous babies of 3 years old and 1 year old, and owner of a belly that will never come back to its previous shape but it still reminds me of being a MOM =D )

  217. Rebecca

    This is the most amazing article ever! So well written and honest. I LOVE your style of writing and thank you for being brave enough to document something that so many of us arent. Ive just had my 2 boy within 2 years and figuring out that juggle and balance is insane. Officially a follower!

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you Rebecca, hehe when you find the magical balance do let me know (I am forever searching for it) xx

  218. Lidia

    Hello, Julie!
    Thank you for your bravery! You are a wonderfull women.
    I’m from Russia, not from the capital. There is an unhealthy cult of the body in our society. Each must be thin, everyone should be glamorous. All crazy about it. But I have a non-standard height, I’m tall, and clothing size (the most part of girls in Russia wear sizes 6 to 10, I wear 14), and I find it’s difficult to live in a society where there is such a stigmatisation of body, going beyond the canons of glossy magazines.
    I’m afraid to have children, although I am 26 years already . I don’t want. When my boyfriend says about children, I come to the horror and think only about the opportunity that he will leave me when I will be larger in size after pregnancy. Projects such as yours, help me to think that it’s can be otherwise. I look at the photos of you and your family, of your happiness, how smiling your husband, and I want to think you will be never afraid about the same fears as mine.
    I apologize for any errors in my text.

  219. Bell Colmenares

    Love your post! I’m the proud mommy of 2… a 4 yr old Captain America fan and a fierce 11 months baby girl… and I wouldn’t change yhat for anything… my body have suffered from 2 surgeries in order to bring them into this world… the recovery was painful but amazing at the same time… thank you for your words… it’s good to know that there are other mommies whose body don’t look like Heidi Klum’s after 3 days of giving birth. XOXO from Oaxaca, Mexico

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  227. Essie

    Wow, and you still look happy though. But you broke your ankle post partum, I broke my foot two weeks after giving birth, on a curb! Man pregnancy really takes a toll on a body, has there been research into breaking things at that time of life?

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      It sure does take its toll – yes unfortunately it is all the hormones – relaxin in particular which makes our joints and bones much more prone to injuries. Add incredible fatigue on top of that and depending on your pregnancy often you can lose muscle tone and strength all of which makes for a really risky combination 🙁 but it is so worth it all, very tired but yes very happy!

  228. Ana

    Hi Julie, merci from France ! Tu es belle et courageuse <3 <3 <3 merci de montrer telles que nous sommes.

  229. rachel

    i have hidden my stretched out tummy for the last 15 years…no more… your courage has helped me to be free. thank you.

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you Rachel! Your are amazing never forget that xx

  230. Claire

    Gorgeous!! 20 weeks pregnant of our first child. Magical experience, never felt stronger. But as i’m getting bigger I am more sensitive to pinterest-posts like ‘how I got my sixpack back a week after childbirth’. So I could really use some honesty. Thank you. And you are right to celebrate that strong wonderfull body of yours. Look at that family! Love from holland

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Thank you Claire, all the best for the arrival of your baby xxx

  231. augusto cesar

    after birth it’s only a amatter of affection to a woman certenly not to beautiness. but some still desireble soon after. it takes time to recover the body of a woman.

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  236. Katharina

    In January I gave birth to a son in Germany. This blog is the most pleasant thing I’ve read and heard since. Thank you! Although my pregnancy was good, but the period after birth was strange for my body. Everything was different from what I thought: I got foot problems, could go badly, my belly was different than before, emerged everywhere sites on my body. But I have my son, a beautiful child who grew in me that with me – in my belly – went for a walk and smell the forest. Thank you Julie for your blog! Fabulous! All the best for your family!

  237. Marie

    Hi Julie, fabulous blog. How much time do you have to elapse for the second child and how long will you wait – give your body time – until the third child? My child has now been 7 months old. We had planned to soon be working on the second, but I have become uncertain. Regards, Marie

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  239. Vanina Mannu

    Add another thank you to your list for posting these pictures. I had a baby girl in March and I was surprised to see that I still looked pregnant a week after giving birth and it took a while for my belly to go back to well, almost normal. In the age of the internet where there’s a ton of information coupled with the fact at 42 years I’m not exactly a clueless teenager(no offence to teenagers), you’d think I’d know better. Well, nope, I had no idea! Motherhood is tough, physically and emotionally but my daughter never fails to raise a smile. Even at 4.00 am when all you want to do is SLEEP, DAMN IT!
    All the best to you and your beautiful family.

  240. Raya

    I write this with a 7 week old on my shoulder trying not to move too much as she has been up all night and gets ratty if she doesn’t get her morning nap but constantly wakes herself up . Why if you’re tired sleep!
    Motherhood can be really isolating and to have somone share they are going through the same makes me feel like I’m not alone.
    As a first time mum the reality of having a baby is so different to the image I had when I was pregnant.. Mummy clubs (still not been) sleeping when baby sleeps (am on edge as she wakes herself up or washing bottles and trying to move the chaos from nights ) getting a shower while she in the bouncer (she screams) I panic when people visit as she’s unsettled and screams when being passed around. Coping with this and hormones is hard … Yes it’s worth it but hard. So thank you for the acknowledgment its ok to be in pjs still flabby and thinking it’s hard work. Xx

  241. Daguśka

    Byłam przerażona wyglądem głównie mojego brzucha zaraz po porodzie i prawdę mówiąc do dziś mnie on przerażał. Jestem 4 tygodnie po porodzie i do powrotu wagi sprzed ciąży zostało mi do zrzucenia 8 kg. Jednak teraz się już o to nie martwię bo mam poczucie, że nie tylko ja jestem w takiej sytuacji. Tak naprawdę to dzięki Tobie spojrzałam na siebie innymi oczami, oczami normalności a nie tych wszystkich “życzliwych” ludzi, którzy niby przypadkiem wspominają ci jak to przed ciążą miałaś zgrabną i szczupłą sylwetkę. Przestałam porównywać się z wychudzonymi modelkami z bilboard-ów. Super, że na świecie są takie kobiety jak Ty! Dziękuję za podtrzymanie na duchu i wsparcie dla kobiet po porodzie! Trzymam za ciebie kciuki wyglądasz pięknie!

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  244. Michelle Foy

    I have just read this amazing broke and I want to say thank you so very much. I had my little aecons son on the 12/5 and I also have a toddler. After the move we had no choice but to move house as well and my own health took a back seat behind hospital appointments, starting nursery for boy no 1 and setting up the new home. I’ve tentatively started back at the gym under the GP referral. I have an ugly c section that I hate and I can’t touch. I cry that I look ugly and that I haven’t bounced back to the way I was before baby no 1. But after reading your blog I have renewed hope. I am normal. I am an amazing mother. My boys don’t look at me and see stretch marks and wobbly bits. They see a mummy who hugs then every moment she gets. I asked my husband after reading your blog if he still finds me attractive. He said I was the most beautiful woman in the world. I asked him about my scar and my stretch marks. He says they are my mummy’s medals and they remind him that every time he sees them the beautiful boys I carried for him. So thank you. If I could jump through this screen and hug you I would.

    1. Michelle Foy

      Sorry my spellcheck is horrid. Meant blog, second son and after the birth! I hate spell check.

  245. Jenni

    Lovely article 🙂 my newest addition is 3 months old now – he is my 3rd (all boys) and if you do go for number 3 the postpartum bit was soooo much easier for me this time round (no rest at all though so just as well!) hopefully will b for you too! You just care less about the trivial things, like the size of stomach, bled for only 5 days, out of hospital within 6 hours of birth and straight out for a visit.x

    P.s: this is superficial and about looks but you are gorgeous and those boys of yours are absolutely stunning!! The big ones curly hair and pout especially😍

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  247. Veronica

    Thanks for showing what most people don’t tell about. Postpartum starts the day you give birth and is a race that lasts for the rest of your life! But becoming a mother is the most wonderful thing that can be done in life. (mother of one and expecting the second!!! 🙂 )

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  250. Gemma Pearce

    When I had my first born 8 years ago I was in shock. I had 2 days in hospital and went home and was shocked I had a big belly still! It took AGES to shrink down. Then there was all the hair loss and post partum bleeding like you said. If you not prepared it does come as a complete shock!

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  257. Melanie

    I think you are awesome in telling it like it is. I’m sure you have helped many women to be more accepting of the changes our bodies go through. What a reward it is to hold that precious little life in your arms! Nothing in the world like it!! Bless you.

  258. Heather

    BEST postpartum blog post I’ve EVER read!! Love it, thank you so much! You put so much of my thoughts and experience into words, I too had a vaginal delivery and felt like a truck went through me… Tough recovery, as my body does not just bounce back. And tough transition from one to two babes! Awesome work for being real and writing this as you went through it and sharing 💛💛 You’re beautiful inside and out and so are your postpartum photos. Hugs, you’re doing an amazing job mama! 💕💕


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  265. Jennifer L.

    Ha! I just found your post today, but my belly looks just like yours and I didn’t even have appendicitis, just three kids :-). We should have a “just for mommies with not-teenage bellies” beach somewhere. I live in Hawaii and my belly never sees the sun. I see moms at the beach all the time, but their bellies do not look like mine! Thankfully, three kids keep me so busy that I hardly have time to angst over it. I tend to wear haramakis to hide my belly when lifting up my shirt to nurse the youngest. It works out well. My husband is most loving and kind to the belly, so that helps. My mom had two kids and her stomach looked normal enough to me growing up that I never expected mine to do weird things. My belly button sort of disappeared or something. I’ve been to physical therapy and other doctors to close the diastasis recti, but it only sort of helps. Three amazing kids and one super stretched belly! Thanks for sharing! It’s reassuring to know other moms went through the whole ordeal and came out fine on the other side too! 🙂

    1. Julie Bhosale Post author

      Hi Jennifer haha I like the sound of that beach – haha and it can have a section where your children can be looked after while we sleep for a million years in the sun! Much love to you xxxx


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