1:1 Nutrition & Wellbeing Consultations
with Dr Julie Bhosale

Your Goals

Dr Julie Bhosale works 1:1 with a number of clients.
Her consultations are focused on your specific individual goals and are centred by her four pillars of
wellbeing: Eat, Move, Sleep and Purpose.

Family Focus

Julie also works with a family-focused approach – her belief is that everything needs to work for the
whole family. She does consultations for mums, children and/or couples. For babies and toddlers Julie does special consultations in 15, 30 or 60 minute blocks to give the flexibility for those that just have a short question.

Overall Wellbeing

When assessing your nutrition intake and wellbeing, Dr Julie will consider what you eat and you how
you move, but also take into account a number of biological challenges including hormones, sleep
deprivation, intolerances, gut health, stress as well as explore some of the potential psychological
beliefs that may impact your overall health.

Personalised Plan

More importantly, Dr Julie will put together a completely individualised plan, including her trade mark
recipes and ensure you have full support during the time you work together.

Schedule Convenience

As a mum herself, Dr Julie understands the need to take pressure off (not add pressure) to an already
busy schedule and as such consultations can be done via skype and/or telephone. She currently has
clients overseas including France, Canada and the UK so different time zones can be easily
managed – she does two late evenings a week (Tuesday and Thursday) to allow for either morning times overseas or those needing outside of work hours.


To book a consultation with Dr Julie Bhosale simply book online via her online booking system here!




“If there is one thing I can say working with Dr Julie Bhosale is that I wish I had done it sooner! Like months ago! I learnt so much and have never felt so good about myself (I did drop down 5kgs as well!). I have managed to stop my cravings and actually enjoy eating now, her recipes are so easy and having something tailored exactly to our family was invaluable.”

– Mum of 16 month old

“I just loved the simplicity of working with Julie. Get Nourished was awesome for my busy schedule. What I liked most was having the accountability each week and the Pure and Simple recipes. They were and still are delicious. I highly recommend working with Dr Julie Bhosale.”

– Mum of two

“I worked with Dr Julie Bhosale over 6 weeks and I must say that it was a real eye-opener. The macronutrient analysis made me realise that I was consuming way more sugar than I should have been and I had never realised that my fibre intake was so low. The 3 areas I had to focus on were spot-on and I was so happy to see the improvement after just 3 weeks. I also managed to drop some weight as an added bonus. I would definitely recommend working with Dr Julie Bhosale to everyone.”

– Mum of 16 month old and 2 month old

“I’m feeling very inspired, and actually really so happy I’ve made the changes with Dr Julie Bhosale. For some reason for so long I felt that eating less and exercising really hard would make me lose weight. But this week I decided not to exercise at all (give me more time to make/eat brekkie) and I actually lost weight! But on top of that I’ve felt way better, not tired, shaky etc. And that’s with me still enjoying my food. Win win!!”

– Mum of 5 month old and 2 year old