Empowering – Knowledgeable – Real

Dr Julie Bhosale is a leading family wellbeing and nutrition expert, international speaker and author, who is on a mission to empower families around the globe to take charge of their own nourishment and wellbeing – for life.

With her natural warmth and down-to-earth approach, Dr Julie has a remarkable ability to connect with and inspire health experts, fitness professionals, parents and kids alike. Her presentations are interactive, backed by the latest scientific research and packed with realistic and practical advice for busy modern lifestyles.

Dr Julie has a special interest in pre and post-natal nutrition, children’s health and women’s wellbeing. She regularly presents at international conferences, corporate events and seminars on topics including:

– The fat debate

– Childhood obesity

– Post-partum health and wellbeing

– Childhood mobility and active play

– Women’s wellbeing

– Healthy eating and cooking demonstrations


“Powerful speaker – I felt like I was watching a Ted Talk” (Fiona Hall)



In addition to her experience as a lecturer, Dr Julie is a regular speaker at the Parenting Centre, Baby Show, Parenting Expo and Toddler Talk. She presented at the 2016 Filex International Health and Fitness Convention in Melbourne, Australia, and is a keynote speaker for the 2017 Women’s Economic Forum in India, expected to attract over 15,000 women from around the globe.


“Fantastic session. Gave a lot of different reasons on why people fail to lose weight and how we can help them. I really enjoyed this session and took a lot of new information on board to help my clients.”
(FILEX Melbourne 2016)
“Julie is that rare breed of speakers who can captivate the audience through sharing her journey even while presenting highly educational content”
Dr Harbeen Arora – Global Chairperson, Women Economic Forum (WEF)




Dr Julie regularly leads workshops for parents covering such topics as healthy eating for families, starting solids, losing babyweight safely and breastfeeding.


“Julie – that was so well spoken and explained you continue to be an inspiration to many.
A legend”
(Sarah Alexander)




Press & Publications

Dr Julie regularly features as a guest expert on Paul Henry, Breakfast and in the New Zealand Herald to discuss such hard-hitting topics as childhood obesity, body image, the pressures of breastfeeding and children’s free play. She has also appeared live on Seven Sharp, Sunrise and 9 News in Australia, RTL in Germany and The The Lorraine Show in the UK.

In 2015, her personal postpartum story went viral and appeared in publications including the Huffington Post, The Independent, Woman’s Day, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail, Buzzfeed and a host of other websites and parenting blogs.

Dr Julie recently published her first book, Healthy Easy Dinners for Busy Mums and her research has been published in international peer-reviewed medical journals and featured in the mainstream press.