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I am a massive advocate for making food at home. You will always get more nutritious food when you make it yourself, plus you are learning important skills which your little ones inevitably learn too. However, I am also a really busy working mum and feel the pressure of needing to do a million things in one day.  Hence my nutrition philosophy of keep it pure and simple. I am always on the lookout for high quality products which you can get at your local supermarket and are nutritiously sound – trust me when I say they are hard to find, so as you can imagine, I get more than a little excited when I do.

Hello Nairns Oatcakes and Oat Biscuits.

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All of Nairns products are made with oats as the key ingredient.  Oats provide a vital source of fibre in our diets which is crucial for keeping our gut healthy and functioning well. In addition oats provide essential vitamins and minerals particularly magnesium and biotin. As they do not contain wheat I find that those who are gluten intolerant can often have oats so these oatcakes are possibly a great option in this case! Furthermore oats have been associated with increasing milk supply for those breastfeeding – hence some of my popular snacks include them, such as my Simple Muesli Slice.

Nairns Oatcakes are made from 83% organic wholegrain oats. To have the basis of a packaged product with this level of nutrients is a big tick in my books. It means you can be assured that the product has been made with as little added ingredients and preservatives as possible; bearing in mind it is prepared and thus gives us that convenience which sometimes as a mum you desperately need.

These oatcakes make for a great toddler snack that you can use a variety of toppings. We made a very simple Roasted Pepper Dip and had a platter of vegetables and the oatcakes, which both my monkeys just loved it! (View the full video on my you-tube channel)

Pepper Mix Edited

I am equally impressed by Nairns biscuit range which are also largely made from wholegrain oats with a sugar content less than 20g/100. You will be hard pressed to find many pre-packaged biscuit options that are less than 40g/100 out in the market. No, they are not coated in chocolate so don’t expect them to taste like they do! Rather, Nairns oat biscuits provide that nice medium in offering a more nutritious treat without having to get a bowl out!

Just quietly, I also particularly love their limited edition boxes – if you can get your hands on one of these, do so. Last week we had an afternoon which turned slightly pear-shaped (you know those times when NOTHING seems to calm them down) well I gave both monkeys a couple of the stem ginger biscuits inside one of these cute tins… was like Christmas in a box and I didn’t feel guilty knowing that they actually contained some great nutrients (#totalwin).


You will find Nairns Oatcakes and Oat Biscuits in the cracker aisle of your supermarket and I highly recommend that you grab a couple of different flavours (the stem ginger and dark chocolate chip biscuits were a particular hit in our house) and you may just need to hide some away for yourself!!

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale

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  2. Michelle

    Thanks for this! Any chance you could review the new Nood Bars? Everyone is saying they’re healthy but I think they’re too high in sugar…

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  5. Diane

    Thanks Julie – I’m always on the lookout for better cracker choices so will be grabbing a pack of these for my munchkins to try 🙂

    • Julie Bhosale

      Thanks Diane! Hope they approve 🙂

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