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As many of you know I strongly advocate for making baby food at home. Currently, options for store brought baby food just do not add up nutritionally. A huge majority contain rice, wheat flour or rice flour. You can read my popular blog on why I don’t recommend starting your baby on baby rice here. In addition, many commercially available baby food options are high in sugar, including high amounts of natural sugar (fructose) and contain other added ingredients that babies do not need and which potentially may cause havoc on their delicate digestive track.


As a busy working mum with two very active toddlers I really appreciate the time and work involved in making your own homemade baby food and more so the challenges of taking this out and about with you! It was lucky timing that when our first son was just about to start solids early in 2013 that the Kai Carrier Pouches came onto the market! I was actually gifted some of their wonderful pouches for a baby shower pressie (a very appropriate pressie for a nutritionist mum-to-be!).

Needless to say these have since been used in our household for nearly four years now! The beauty of the Kai Carrier Pouches is that they give you all the ease of pre-packaged pouches but enables you to take your own nutritious baby food out instead! You can literally put any combination of puree or soft vegetables and meat into the pouch, just add until about ¾ fill, seal and go! When you are ready just give to bubs and know that they are save with the chock-proof lids and no mess or stress.

smushieThe Kai Carrier pouches are reusable so you can just take home wash (they are dishwasher safe) and fill again; least not forgetting you are reducing waste as well. You can actually fill these up with fresh food and leave in the freezer for a fast grab-and-go, plus they are microwavable safe so if you do want to heat up – you can!

Did I also mention they are BPA, Phthalate and PVC free?

Not Just Baby Food!

There are a huge range of shapes and sizes that you can get perfect for snacks, sandwiches, large liquids such as smoothies or soup (for monkeys with BIG appetites) and even ice blocks and teething pops. We made my immune boosting smoothie (and it’s extra green due to the loads of extra spinach and avocado in it!) and the boys actually couldn’t wait until we left to tuck into them…going for seconds after a full few hours play at Wynyard Quarter!



The innovative pouches were actually developed by an amazing New Zealand mum who was desperate for such a product with her own beautiful young girls. After searching for reusable pouches (and not finding any) in true super mum style Kylie Matthews decided to take make her idea into reality. Cost effective, incredibly practical, encourages healthy eating and reduces our environmental impact – it is no surprise that the Kai Carrier pouches have won numerous awards, including the prestigious OH Baby awards for a number of successive years.

I feel very honored to have teamed up with Kai Carrier and we now have these incredible pouches available from my website! Combine them with my soon-to-be released book – The Nourished Baby – and you are set.


P.S If you are coming to one of our national starting solids events there will be super specials on these (and all heaps of other helpful products) – to check out all dates just click here!

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xxx Dr Julie Bhosale