About Dr Julie

Dr Julie Bhosale is an internationally-renowned family wellbeing and nutrition expert, author and speaker who is changing the conversation around family wellbeing and the realities of a woman’s “life after birth”.

She is passionate about good nutrition and helping families establish lifelong healthy habits that work for busy modern lifestyles.

She regularly appears in the media and on stage around the globe and recently published her first book, Healthy Easy Dinners for Busy Mums.

Dr Julie is the first and only New Zealander to become an Honorary member of the International Women’s Economic Forum for her breakthrough doctoral research in Independent Mobility.

The Story behind “Empower, Nourish, Love”

Everyday, we mothers are bombarded with images of “perfection”.
The flat stomach days after giving birth, the perfectly curated home,
the instagram-worthy cupcakes for the coffee group morning tea.

But look behind closed doors and you’ll often find a different story.

Aching breasts, milk-stained shirts, tearful snot-nosed outbursts at your partner, hormones doing the loop-de-loop and a bone-deep fatigue. Tantruming toddlers, messy mealtimes and a woman just like you, struggling to manage the outrageous demands of this 24/7 role, let alone maintain your health, your career, your sense of identity or your relationship with your partner.


I’m Dr Julie Bhosale, family wellbeing and nutrition expert, international speaker, author, wife and mother of two cheeky boys. If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my 10 year career in pre and post-natal health and nutrition, it’s this:

For your family to flourish, you must nourish yourself first.

I know that might sound like an impossible dream, given everything you are juggling as a mum.
I know the stress of the 5pm witching hour, when you’re trying to get a healthy meal on the table while managing a tired toddler and a hungry baby. I know about combining kids and career – I worked full time and wrote my PhD thesis, while raising two boys under three. (How did I do it? I’d tell you but it’s a blur….)

I also know that if we mothers don’t nourish ourselves, the whole family pays the price.

That’s why I’m on a mission to empower mothers like you with simple, effective and realistic ways to nourish you and your kids – for life. It’s about finding what works for your family. No strict rules, no fad diets and absolutely no guilt required.


To me, true nourishment means:

Fueling your body
– with real, whole foods full of essential nutrients
and keeping it as simple as possible.

Moving your body
– in a way that makes you feel good.

Resting your body
– with deep restorative sleep.

Finding a purpose
– that’s bigger than last week’s laundry pile.
Whether it’s to do with family, career, community, sport or a hobby,
we all need something that keeps us feeling fired up and inspired.


So that’s what you’ll find on this website.
Pure and simple advice, tips and recipes to nourish you and your family, backed by the latest scientific research and delivered with a healthy dose of humour and realism from a mum who is right there in the trenches with you.


I believe in celebrating motherhood,
in all its brutiful (that’s brutal + beautiful) glory.

That’s why I shared my personal struggles in My Real Postpartum Body, a personal and vulnerable blog post that went viral in 2015, making headlines around the world and uniting a community of mothers.

We don’t serve women by maintaining a cone of silence around the realities of motherhood.
Research shows that women who are well prepared for “life after birth” are less likely to experience overwhelm, depression and anxiety. And more likely to give themselves and their family the love they deserve. To me, that’s a conversation worth having.

More than anything, I want you to know:

You are beautiful, you are amazing, you are a mother.


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