Hello, I’m Dr Julie Bhosale.
Family wellbeing & nutrition expert, author, speaker and mother of two.

Taking care of kids is no fairytale, Mama.
Taking care of you? It’s essential.

True family wellbeing means finding simple, easy and practical ways to nourish yourself and your kids.

No strict rules, no fad diets and no guilt necessary.

I’m here to empower you with pure and simple nutrition and wellbeing advice, backed by science and designed for real life.

Letting go of the “shoulds” and doing what’s right for your family takes courage, strength and love – and as a mother, you already have all.

Join me, and let’s find your family’s path to true wellbeing – for life.

Pure & simple wellbeing and nourishment
for busy mums (and little ones)

I offer personalised plans, special programmes and helpful products to provide maximum support.

Click below to see how I can help you during each stage of your motherhood journey:

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