Tips for Teething Tots!

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A baby’s first tooth generally appears around seven months of age. However there is still large variability in this and teething can start two-three months prior hand. The discomfort comes from the soreness and swelling in the gums before a tooth comes through. These symptoms usually peak about three to five days before the tooth shows, and they disappear as soon as the tooth breaks the skin. Some babies will have none or little symptoms and some will experience drooling (sometimes weeks before), red rosy cheeks, biting, night waking, changes in bowl motions, being extra clingy and generally more irritable than their normal disposition.

By about two and a half years of age your child will have their full set of teeth. This link here is quite a good reference page as to what teeth to expect to come through. In other words, somewhere between the ages of four months right up to two and a half years your bubs will go through periods of teething! There are a number of natural ways you can help ease your bubs during this time – here are some of my top tricks and helpful products:

1.Ice in a Soft Mesh Bag – this is really good for little ones who are not yet ready to start solids but really need something that they can independently put in their mouths! The ice will melt so just put on a good bib…if you are lucky your big brother will help give it to you (this was Smushie about 6 months old!)


2.Bones – yes going old-school with this one, while at the dinner table and under supervision give your bubs a long left over bone from a freshly cooked meal they will be happy chopping on that for a while

3.A firm piece of meat – same as above giving bubs a firm piece of meat while keeping an eye on them is a good way to get them exploring meat in a different form and help to give those gums something to bite down on.

4.Teething Gel – I recommend the Teeth Ease Gel from QBaby as it is made from 100% natural teething gel free of chemicals, preservatives, artificial colours and flavours and harmful sugars (available from Dorothy Waide’s Website here).




5. Teething Drops – I also recommend Dorothy’s Drops, especially for babies experiencing a change in bowl motion while going through teething. Remember this is a stressful process for you baby which can affect their delicate and developing digestive system.


6. Teething Necklace – The swollen sore gums which come from teething occur just before a tooth breaks through and can be eased from having something firm to bite on. The Munch Natural Wooden Necklace, full of different textures, shapes and soft fabric is just perfect. You can read my full review here and grab this straight from my website here!

wooden teething necklace for mum

7. Teething Pops! – Having something cool to chomp down on can also really help those painful gums. In addition, some little ones will not feel like their normal food so this is a great way to get in some good nutrients and boost their immune systems with the powerful antioxidents from the beetroot and berries! You can get the recipe for my Beetroot & Berry Teething Pops here.


Hoping this helps to sooth those teething little ones!

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale