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Food and sleep are inextricably linked. One effects the other and with little babies it can be really hard to get both working well together. This is one of the key reasons that we have a sleep experts on our National Starting Solids Tours! One of these magic sleep consultants is Baby Whisperer Vicki-K. She brings with her 14 years experience helping babies through her business and has two children of her own (and now her first grandchild!). Following is a short Q & A with Vicki so you get to know this amazing lady more of course with some helpful sleep tips too!

1. What inspired you to be a sleep consultant?

My first really started out as a nanny for a lot families before having children of my own. After having my children I worked in the postnatal unit of a maternity centre and saw many mums go home very anxious in the early days with a new baby. I decided that I wanted to do something about this and went part-time and opened up a small business just five hours a week. Before I knew it I was getting calls all over the world. I have had my sleep consultancy now for 14 years and has grown from strength to strength. I do in home consultations and a lot over Skype In Australia, the UK and other parts of New Zealand.

2. If you could say one thing to a new mum with sleep what would it be?

Honestly? It would be to lower your expectations in the early days, for yourself and new buba – they are still so young, so little, and you all (Dad too) have a lot to learn together. Do what feels right for you and your family and do not be afraid to reach out for support and help with someone you feel safe and trust.

3. What do you believe mums struggle with the most?

This is a hard question but if I had to say one thing it would be in trying to have a perfect baby and perfect sleeper – and not reaching out for help or waiting to get help. Each baby is an individual like we are as adults – it helps to try and keep this in mind.

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4. Catnapping – why do you think it is such a problem?

Catnapping is actually normal – sometimes sleep cycles can be short for a number of reasons or factors at play such as babies being over-tired, teething, sickness. There is so much information pushing that catnapping can ‘should be fixed’ and babies should never cat nap. No medical professional can really ‘control’ a babies sleeping but there can be helpful strategies to help empower mums to work through it if its not working for mum and baby. (You can check out Vicki’s vlog on this on the vlog spot tonight!).

5) What do you enjoy most about being a baby sleep consultation

This is an easy question – helping and supporting mums and babies to have strategies for settled and sleeping babies and meeting so many gorgeous babies and mummies (and daddies). Oh and of course watching the difference in families when they have a plan/strategies to get more sleep!

If you are struggling with your babies sleep or in the early stages of life with a new born I highly recommend checking out Vicki-K’s sleep consultations. She does packages via Skype, in the home (and does travel both for the day and overnight) and she also offers a very valuable services of being at home with you for the first few days straight after you leave the hospital (something I dearly would have liked myself as a first-time mum!).

Plus you can come and meet Vicki-K in person on our Tauranga and Christchurch National Starting Solids Tours! We were in Wellington together last weekend to a very full house so don’t wait to grab your tickets! All info on the links and over on Event Finder.

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Here is to more sleep!

xxx Dr Julie Bhosale