“Healthy, Easy Dinners
for Busy Mums”

by Dr Julie Bhosale

One of the most fundamental aspects of eating nutritious foods is the social connection and sense of belonging that comes with eating together.

This is one of the major driving factors behind the creation of my cook book, “Healthy Easy Dinners for Busy Mums”, as I truly know how hard dinner time can be when you are exhausted, juggling work, hungry tired children and the other million things on your plate (excuse the pun!).

  • Delicious & Nutritious
  • Tried & Tested
  • Chocolate Bonus!


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What mums say about my cook book:

“2 weekly meal plans with complete shopping lists – genius.”

“Such an amazing recipe book!! Definitely going to make life easier once the little one
arrives. I think the chocolate balls are going to become a bit of an addiction.”

“With a newborn in the house, what I loved the most is how quick and easy it was to make. I was able to prepare it in the afternoon before my son got home and while the baby was sleeping and pop it in the oven at dinner time.”

2-in-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker
2-in-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker

Perfect for preparing healthy, homemade baby meals. You simply steam fruit, vegetables, fish or meat and then just flip the jar over to blend it. Making baby food has never been easier and this is how I made all my boys food from scratch. With this package you also get my new starting Solids Guide giving you the ultimate tools to starting your baby’s food journey.

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Dr Julie Bhosale Gift Certificate
Dr Julie Bhosale Gift Certificate

Looking for a baby shower, new mum or Christmas gift idea? Why not get a voucher! Then the luckily recipient can choose what they like from Dr Julie Bhosale’s shop or keep it for a personal consultation when the time … Read More

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VIP Group
VIP Group

Dr Julie Bhosale’s special Facebook VIP group is your exclusive hub for wellbeing tips, support and guidance. Join this global community of mums and families all over the world for weekly inspiration, healthy ideas, hot-off-the-press information and lots of VIP special bonuses.

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dr julie bhosale cookbook
Healthy, Easy Dinners for Busy Mums

I am so excited to bring this recipe book to you! It is full of all our family favourite recipes that I love to cook and will nourish you from the inside out.

Available as:
Downloadable E-Book – $11.99
Hard Cover Book – $39.99 (Free Shipping in NZ)

Grab my Magnetic Meal Planner as well (also free shipping!)

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Julie Bhosale Cookbook and Meal Planner combo
Healthy Easy Dinners for Busy Mums + Meal Planner Combo

I am so excited to bring this recipe book to you combined with my Meal Planner – for a great combo price! It is full of all our family favourite recipes that I love to cook and will nourish you from the inside out.

Save 25% with these combo deals
Downloadable E-Book & printable Meal Planner – $12.75
Hard Cover Book and Magnetic Meal Planner– $42.75 (free NZ shipping)

Shipping of the hard book combo is currently to New Zealand, Australia and the UK.
It will be available on Amazon soon!

$16.98$56.98 $12.75$42.75
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magnetic meal planner
Magnetic Meal Planner

Make planning your family meals fun and easy with this magnetic planner! Simply attach to your fridge with the strong magnetic corners and plan your week ahead to take all the stress out of meal times!
(Size A4).

Shipping is free and can be combined with my cookbook

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